Sunday, May 21, 2017

New RUM-V Pods For Your Combat Flatbeds

Had a little bit of upload fever, and put three pods in the Rebel Minis Digital Direct store on Shapeways up for sale.

My thanks to Donovan Borman for the boot in the ass to get this going.

These are preview pieces for folks who want to jump the production line, and get their customization bits now now now.  ;)

We don't put a markup on them, for now, since the prices are already high enough.

First is the RUM-V Combat Flatbed APC Pod.

It's a 1/100 scale bit that fits on the back of the Combat Flatbed, and can carry a small number of troops.  It also has a RUMV-compatible top hatch, so it can also mount a weapons turret or cupola like the ones already sold by Rebel.

Next up is the RUM-V Combat Flatbed Turret Adapter.
No illusions of cramming troops in here.  It's just a riser pod that lets you mount turrets like the heavy gatling turret.

And last, but not least, is the "Winnebago-Style" overhead camper APC pod originally crafted for the Combat Flatbed.

This older pod isn't RUM-V compatible, per se, more of a prototype and vision of things to come.  It does fit on the back of the Combat Flatbed, though, and has a quirky look that I like.

So, there you go.  Order away.  Default materials are White Strong And Flexible, which doesn't give the best details, but does keep prices down.  If you want tabletop quality, try the higher definition plastics such as Frosted Ultra Detail or Frosted Extreme Detail.  The price climbs astronomically, though, so brace yourself.  :(



PS, here are a few variants and variations of the RUM-V Combat Flatbed and Civilian Flatbeds.

 Winnebago style pod on the Civilian Flatbed hull.

I went a bit wild with the combos.  You can too, with those adapters and other parts from the Animech Kickstarter.

I love the RUM-V system.
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