Big Mech 3

So, here's Big Mech 3.  Big Mech 2 is here.

This update is the beginning of what I call Wave 1 of detailing.  The shapes are now established, for the most part, and I begin adding and subtracting detail in waves, eventually chopping and channeling, fusing and welding until I'm satisfied.

Since this is a spec piece, with no client specifically in mind, I have a little bit of latitude in how it goes.

So, on to the eye candy...

 New leg is on the right, as you see it.  Initial/Bulkout leg on the left.

 Lots of grilling added to the calves and hamstring areas.

 I like the 8-plate thigh protectors.  Here are both new legs, side by side.

 The proportions were getting a bit wonky, so I shrank the guns, and enlarged the legs.  Looks a little bit leaner and meaner than the first set of pics.  Besides, it was starting to suffer from "Overgun."  Too much rotary cannon to lug around.  So, they're a bit smaller, now.

Screenshot from my actual working model (the grey pics are renders).  I work in Rhino3D, and prefer to be in a visual mode called 'Ghosted.'  It lets me see through the piece, picking up flaws that might otherwise be masked by an opaque skin.

More to come.



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