Thursday, April 28, 2016

Astagar Infantry and VTOL WIP Pics. 33 Hours Left!

The clock is ticking on the Astagar Kickstarter from Critical Mass Games, and we are surging to the finish.

A new pledge level has been created for those of you who want a composite force of infantry, tanks, powered armour, and drones.  It's a neat cross-section of all we created during this effort, called the Strike Commander Package.

Also, here are some close-in pics of resin master castings, showing the tail lengths.  Beautiful sculpts by Steve 'Coolhand' Tyler.

And, some painted-up examples of the resin masters.  These are going to look so good on the tabletop.

Also, some Work In Progress shots of the Astagar Venom Strike VTOL.  8 hardpoints to mount any menagerie of destruction to unleash on your enemies!  It's unlocked at the £8K funding level, so pour it on!

Well, that's all for now.  The full-court press continues for the next 33 hours.  Keep watching, get your friends or gaming group together to pledge, or throw some money in to jumpstart the next unlock.

Thanks for your efforts alongside us on this ride!

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