Friday, April 29, 2016

£5000 Unlock Breached. Missile Artillery, and 4 Hours Left

The end is nearly upon us, and the Astagar Kickstarter from Critical Mass Games has enjoyed a wonderful uptick of support.

The Missile Artillery vehicles are now unlocked, enabling you to rain destruction upon the heads of your enemies.  Yay!

Both grav and tracked options are available.  The 8-pack pods are big and brutish, guaranteed to keep your opponents' heads down as your infantry slither up to bayonet them in their trenches.

I rendered the recently unlocked MLRS vehicles next to a Zas Vanguard and the Volos Assault Mecha, just for fun.  Waldo is in there, too.

Click on the thumbnails for some nice-sized full images.

Thanks for all your support on the Astagar Kickstarter.


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