Astagar Powered Armour: Snakes In A Can!

Who doesn't love canned snakes?

No, not the prank snakes in a can...
Or rattlesnake meat in a can...

I'm talkin' 'bout some motherlovin' Astagar snakes in a motherlovin' powered armour can!
Snakemen, wearing powered armour!  The mind boggles!

Actually, it's a pretty cool concept.  I'm glad to be a part of it.

So, here were the initial shots of the Astagar Powered Armour.

This initial shot was the bulk-out of the powered armour.  The sword weapon arms were borrowed from the Ygs power armor until suitable weapons were developed along the lines of the Astagar Volos assault mecha.

Naturally, like most things I do for my clients, I like to make things cross-compatible in their product lines.  This helps create more possibility for SKUs, and benefits the kitbashers out there.

Thus, the complete line of Astagar and Ygs powered armors were designed to be compatible in weaponry and backpacks, if you so choose.  Modularity!  Yay!

So, on with the in-progress pics...


The initial shapes and concept met with client approval.  Now, to the nuts and bolts.  How were we going to make this thing fit together, and cast?  The solution was a "stalk" torso, where a flat section of tail would be posed and cast separately, and attached via socket to a torso that was rising up, like a cobra about to strike.

So, work began on creating weapons and poses.  The initial cannons were a rework of the main gun from the Volos mecha. 
The scout backpack was created from scratch, I believe, with a "flared cobra" motif in mind.

The sculpting began in earnest, using a Ygs powered armour as a benchmark for size and configuration.

I also took the claw from the Volos, reworked it, and scaled it down to work for the powered armours.  You can see the Ygs armor sporting it in the pics.

More to come.  Part Two is here.



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