Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Main Battle Tank For The Astagar, Part 2

Here's part two of an ongoing series, leading up to the Astagar Kickstarter next month from Critical Mass Games, which is only a few days away!  Save your pennies!

Part one is here.

When we left off from part one, the trimaran turret had met with client approval after the first design was ditched.  Now, it was on to the second wave, detailing those blocky shapes now that the initial configurations were in the right places.
 The back deck of the main hull underwent some radical styling.  A lot of inscribed detailing, with the power pack/drive drain shown off.  A lot of that was going to be under the turret, but I like to nest the small details for folks who really like to examine their minis..
 More detailing added to the anti-grav modules.  Lots of grilles, exhausts, and a reptilian, scaled armor pattern that I wanted to keep repeating in the Astagar builds.
The turret was reworked to have one hatch and one cupola weapon.  Here's the second wave anti-grav MBT.

Well, with that cone, the client also wanted to offer a tracked main battle tank option.  So, I whipped up a module

 Here's a walk-around of the tank hull with tread modules.

 Tracked and grav hulls, side by side.
 Tracked and Grav MBTs with turrets mounted.
A new, conventional cannon barrel was developed, as well, to provide an option for the tread-heads out there that don't want too "sci-fi" of a tank.

Final approval shots to come, as well as Astagar infantry reference shots.

If you haven't checked them out, Critical Mass Games has put out the source art and first renders of the Astagar Infantry on their Facebook Page.

Line art by Rob Parkinsons.
Renders by Steve "Coolhand" Tyler.

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