A Main Battle Tank For The Astagar, Part 1

Critical Mass Games is launching a Kickstarter soon, turning one of their most popular infantry packs into a full-fledged army faction, much like they did with their uber-successful Zas Kickstarter effort a few years ago.

This gradual reveal started with the Astagar Powered Armour Series from last week, and continues now, with the Main Battle Tank for the Astagar.

So, the clients supplied a pair of concept art pieces, and said, "We want the turret from this, and the anti-grav units from this, and we want you to put your own spin on them.  And also a tracked version.  And an APC.  And a missile artillery system."

I said, "Hell yeah."

So, I got to work.


 Work began first on the anti-grav version.  An Arc Fleet Medium Tank was used as size reference.
 This was the first version of the turret.  An offset main gun, with a cluster of missiles.  The main cannon was based on an enlarged version of the Astagar Volos mecha's main gun.

A heavy sci-fi cannon was also employed, based on the supplied source art, but with a lot more detail added to make it our own.  Basically, the only thing that bled over from the concept art was the uplifted armor panel on the barrel.  The rest was from scratch.
 This is what that first wave looked like.

No good.  Something wasn't right with the offset main gun, so it was back to the drawing board with the turret design.  It needed to be sexier.

Those deep grooves on the top of the a-grav units were going to be mould rippers, and had to be welded over.

Back to the design file.  This was the result...

Much better.  The trimaran-like turret had a real edgy, slice-and-dice look to it that let you know that it was a tank turret, but it sure as hell was an alien design.

The missile launchers from the Astagar Powered Armor were utilized as a supplemental weapon system, if the end user so chooses.

Oh, and that second pic up there, with the figure crouching behind the pintle-mounted weapon?  Yeah...you didn't see anything, biped.

More to come.



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