Sunday, January 10, 2016

First Cuts In Epoxy On Astagar Shuttle

So, here's a series of videos and pics of the Astagar Heavy Lifter being machined.  This is the Upper Main Hull.  I was nervous as all get-out that I would be snapping bits, or that I would run out of material.

Taking things slowly and methodically, though, helped.

Here's the waterline roughing pass started.

Here's the finished waterline rough.

And the cross-cut finish pass started.

The cross-cut left a very fine checkered pattern on the part.  I dig it, since it's very reptilian to the touch, and this is going to be a heavy lander shuttle for a race of sci-fi Snakemen known as the Astagar.

Here are some pics of the finished part...

 Very smooth.
 Flash shows off the surface pattern.
 Here is the hull, still attached to the spoil board.

 I had drilled into the spoil board/mounting plate from underneath, and drilled and tapped the epoxy ingot from underneath.  1/4-20 nylon bolts held up to the strain of machining.

 Here's the part, free from the mounting plate.  She's a big 'un!

 Underside of the part.  This will be sanded off, post-processed, and assembled to other parts waiting to be machined.

Overall, very lovely.  I'm ecstatic about the results.

Now to machine about 7 more pieces and get them all together, and then rapid-prototype the detailed bits that will be adhered to this beast.  It will be a lovely hybrid.  Stay tuned.

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