Sunday, January 24, 2016

Astagar Shuttle Upper Hull, Redone Beautifully!

So, the first upper hull for the shuttle was a great working test piece and proof of concept. 
Magic Sculpt machines up nicely, and is very durable in the hand. 

So, I needed to go further, to refine the proof of concept.

Yesterday's capture plate and today's rework of the upper hull have given me a solid machining strategy to finish the work.

Work starts on the roughing pass, knocking off all that lump material.

Halfway through the finish pass.

The pencil pass is the last step, sending the milling cutter through those furrows and outlines to polish up the checkered spots deep in the corners or on the smooth outside surfaces.

The final comparison of the parts at my desk, including a test fit of the new hull with the capture plate.

The seam where the upper hull meets its capture plate matching piece is gorgeous.  Whether the client wants to fill this in with putty, cover it with a strip of styrene strip, or leave it as is will be determined.

I'm very happy with how this is turning out, except for the cloud of epoxy chips that now surround me, and my black-stained hands.  ;)

On to the Lower Hull!

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