Wolf Mech Rework Continues: Legs and Body

First, my thanks to all the retweets and new folks from Japan. 

どうぞ よろしくおねがいします

I must have struck a chord with the Zoid lovers among you. 

 I'm John Bear Ross, a freelance mecha designer.  I spent three years of my childhood in Japan.  My dad was stationed at Misawa Air Base, up by the Mutsu peninsula. 

It was a wonderful time to be a kid.

On to more work on the Wolf Mech for Rebel Miniatures.

I took the legs, stretched them (again), and reworked the riveted joints.  They're much smoother and radial in pattern.

That reference model is what we call an Apache MATV.  A heavy, up-armored Hummer, or at least our take on it. 15mm / 1-100th scale.

Taking a suggestion from Todd on the 15mm Sci Fi Facebook Group (a great community of 15mm gamers and modelers), I thinned out the chest, making the wolf much more sleek through the torso.

I also chopped out a lot of the angular, older parts of the torso, adding a much smoother top of the hull.  I still have to blend in the neck area.

I like the small vision blocks and viewport installed on the glacis of the Wolfmech's upper hull.  The head is too small for the pilot, so I figured he would be sitting under the hatch, looking forward between the ears.

More to come.

John Bear Ross


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