Animech Layouts So Far...

The Wolf, Spider, and Scorpion Mechs are done, along with a whole new line of weapons that are compatible with Viper Suits, Two-Inch-Terrors, and any other 1/8" ball and socket hardpoints.

 Here's the Wolf Mech, ready for printing.

 An assembled Scorpion Mech, with the New Viper Suit weapons sprue arrayed in front of it. 

 Layout for the Scorpion and Spider Mech, together.  They share the same leg, and only one needs to be printed.  Keeps costs down for client and customer.

The Spider Mech with the New Viper Weapons.  Though some weapons may look identical, some are flat-mounted, to be flush with the side of a turret, while others have an extended ball mount, to act as a flexible elbow point for mecha.

Work on the Gorilla Mech continues.



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