Saturday, November 7, 2015

Simian Rework

Scorpion rework continues, but this guy requires attention, as well.

He originally started life as this monstrous beast...

It was too big and awkward to print and cast.  A definite lesson learned, there.

 I'm going to trim him down to Two-Inch-Terror standards, and rework him extensively through the chest and shoulders.  A lot of the rivet-and-bolt look will go, too, in favor a more streamlined look.

Gatling weapons are stand-ins from the Heavy HAMR suit (also in the works).  He'll get his own weapons soon enough.

The triple missile launchers are reworks of the back-mounted weapons from the too-big original.

The head has been modified to give him a harder scowl, and take out some mold-ripping problems with the eye sensors.

Stay tuned.

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