Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Scorpion Mech Rework

So, now that the Spider Mech and Scourge HAMR suits are knocked out, on to the Scorpion Mech, another treasured sculpt of mine that is receiving the rework treatment.

 Here's the Scorpion Mech, as originally sculpted a number of years ago.   Bob Mervine did the original design work, and this was for his venture, Comfy Chair Games.

Rebel Mike has since purchased the designs I did for Bob.

I'm going to rework them, like I've already done with the Spider Mech, to bring them up to date, and enhance them with RUMV features, giving end users a huge variety of parts with which to customize.

The forward sensor cluster is going to be reworked, to aid in casting.

 The body is being stretched and reworked, to accommodate the RUMV turret ring and wider leg positioning.

The tail will need a new attachment system, too.

 The tail mounting system will get reworked.  The missile faceplates from the Viper Suit weapons will fit nicely.

It's a nasty looking mechanized arthropod. 

Stay tuned.


 Scorpion Mechs love to give free haircuts.
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