Monday, July 14, 2014

Converting An Older Design Using New RUMV Parts

Many of you have bought the Rebel Minis Earth Force APC over the years.

It's a classic, one of the first designs I did for Rebel, and still looks great.

But, if you're looking to upgrade it for more far-flung-future forces, there is an easy option.

The RUMV system evolved from some components of the early designs like the Earth Force APC.

The tread units of the APC also work for the Combat Flatbed and Titan APC, and are also fundamental parts of the RUMV system for other vehicles.

Rebel Mike recently updated the classic Combat Flatbed by putting grav units under it.  Very nice.

So, using that logic, if the Combat Flatbed and the APC share tread units, and the Combat Flatbed can be updated with grav units, then the APC must be able to be updated with grav units.  Let's break out the digital parts and play...

 So, here's what that would look like.  A neat little conversion, easily done to old models by purchasing a set of grav pods that cost less than a burger at the local fast food stand.

Neat, eh?  Thanks to Mr. Diaz for the suggestion.

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