Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Merkas-2014 Renders

Happiness is finding new things to do with old models.

The Merka from Rebel Minis still holds up.

These are simple renders in Rhino3d, using the "Sandstone" material for the textured brown, and dark grey for the propulsion units.

The Grav versions didn't go into production, but elements of their design went into the RUMV a-grav engines.

You can buy the single Merka 5 here.
Single Merka 9 here.
Here for Merka 5 platoon packs.


Edit to add:  I took Coolhand's advice to re-render with a single illumination point.  A small Point Light at 30% intensity, up and offscreen to the left of the tanks.  Here's the results...

I do like the affect.  Thanks, Steve!

To see more of Steve's work, click here, or the Coolhand Customs blog link on the sidebar.

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