Monday, June 23, 2014

Big 15mm News: "All Quiet On The Martian Front" Is Now Shipping

I never seem to have cash on hand for all the Kickstarters I want.

That's probably a good thing, since I would otherwise be swimming even deeper in unbuilt and unpainted kits and figs.

Such is the life of a pewter and plastic hoarder.  ;)

When "All Quiet On The Martian Front" first came on the radar, I wasn't able to participate.  The concept (War of the Worlds + Steampunk/Dieselpunk) was neat, don't get me wrong ...

...But I couldn't make it work due to the lack of funds in the "fun money" account, and went back to sculpting whatever project I was on at the time.

Life went on, but I kept checking in on the progress of the campaign.

Things started clicking with the Kickstarter campaign.  It was a monster, a runaway hit, racking up over $300K USD.

This was going to be huge!  Curse my sudden but inevitable lack of fun money!

There is a bright side to all this, though.  I think this is going to be a great "feeder" game into the rest of the 15mm and 1/100 scale goodness that we all have been partaking in for a few years.

AQotMF is going to direct folks into our beloved scale like nobody's business.  That's a good thing.  A rising tide floats all boats, big and small, and Martian Front is a great swell of folks coming in to the scale.

This makes me happy.

I like the variety of the Martian tripods.  There are a number of specialized invasion weapons.  They also look like advanced alien technology, so they won't be restricted to just one genre or time period.  They will look good, locked in combat with Rebel HAMR suits, Critical Mass mecha, Khurasan grav tanks, or Dreamforge Leviathans.

The World War One look of the human tanks, particularly the Americans, lends itself well to Imperial Guard tank army players who are looking to take refuge from Games Workshop's new 7th edition.  There's LOTS of conversion potential among all those slabby, riveted tank hulls.

I am also intrigued by the large rolling fortresses, particularly the Goliath.  A naval gun on a large rolling chassis.  Neat.

So, here's the order page for All Quiet On The Martian Front.  Order away.

 I get no part of it, other than knowing that more and more folks will be coming into the fold.  Make sure you welcome them.

If you're new to the scale via All Quiet On The Martian Front, jump over to Dropship Horizon for a list of other manufacturers and genres within 15mm Sci-Fi.  There's also a 15mm Sci-Fi Facebook Group, as well as the TMP 15mm Science Fiction Forum.


John Bear Ross

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