Sunday, May 4, 2014

Rebel Minis Spring Sale And Jumping Into 15mm

Heads Up:  The following is my own opinion, not that of Rebel Minis.  For those of you trying to bring others into 15mm, this might help recruit your friends.


I learned over the course of last week that the fine folks at Games Workshop are going to update their rules.  Again.

Rumor/Rumour source:  Bell of Lost Souls, a pretty with-it site when it comes to all things WH40K, so I am inclined to believe it.

Here's the link to the article.

What does this have to do with a semi-annual 20% off sale at Rebel Minis?
(the checkout code is Rebspring14 at checkout, btw)

It means large parts of your WH40K army, and its costly little codex, will likely be obsolete within 6 months to a year.  You'll have to shell out at least a couple hundred bucks to keep up.
This has happened before, and it will happen again.

If you're tired of the planned obsolescence cycle, you will have lots of company already waiting for you in 15mm.

Many folks jumped to 15mm because the price to maintain the arms race in WH40K was too high.

So, that brings us back to the sale at Rebel, and and a few choice buys that will give you a great army, but won't break the bank.

Or you could keep paying $34 for a tactical squad of ten Marines, and $40 for a five-pack of Terminators, and $40 for a dreadnought, or $65 for a three-pack of those godawful Centurions.
I mean, they won't go obsolete any time soon.
 I mean, they were just released, right?  (Kinda like sixth edition.)  ;)

So, less ranty rant, more sales at Rebel Minis.

Here are the CATS, combat walkers that can function as drones, powered armor, or cyborgs.  They come in a nice starter pack of five, or can also be bought in pairs.  Store Link.

 Here's the Merka 5, one of the first sculpts I did for Rebel, and still one of the stronger sellers.  Yes, it's a Merkava In Space.  That's why you want it.  ;)  Store Link.

 Here are the Pangalactic Legion, sculpted by the mighty PF.  Amazing detail for being about 3/4 inches tall, huh?  Store Link.

There are also a glorious selection of other aliens sculpted by PF and others here, in the Alien Races sectionManth, Shalur, Brog, Scourge, Kurgen, Sons Of Thunder, Greys, VOTT, you name it, it's in there.  An amazing variety for an amazing price.
This is a Space Scorpion.  It's one of the many bioweapons that Rebel offers in its Sci-Fi Bugs and Creatures section.


And, of course, if you're looking for humans, there's the Earth Force and Titan Marine continents, both with their own selection of infantry, vehicles, walkers, and Viper suits.

So, rant off.  Step into a larger world.  15mm awaits!

The Checkout Code is Rebspring14. 

John Bear Ross

EDIT TO ADD:  There's a lot of new 15mm manufacturers out there, not just Rebel.

Critical Mass Games and Khurasan Miniatures are both clients of mine, and put out amazing stuff.
Dropship Horizon is a blog that is the central nexus of the scale, and has a large listing of the other fine folks putting out great products. 
Welcome to 15mm.

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