Friday, February 21, 2014

DreamForge Leviathans On Sale, And Nyquil Ate My Soul

If you missed their Kickstarter offering, or haven't gotten a retail copy yet, Mark Mondragon is offering his excellent 28mm and 15mm scale Leviathan kits for a deliciously deep discount.

Box Art For the 15mm Version.

15mm Leviathan With A 28mm Trooper (it'd still make a great assault bot or micromech in 28mm)

Painted 15mm version.

Here's the link to his blog post...

And here's the direct link to The Leviathan Store O'Joy.

28mm Leviathan is only $75 USD.

15mm Leviathan is only $33 USD.

You'd be insane not to buy a metric sh!t-ton of these beauties.


Personal Note:

I've been sick as sick can be for the last week or so, so if I typed anything incoherent or seemed incommunicado, I blame Nyquil.  It ate my soul.

Here's a metaphor for how Nyquil affected me during my chemically-induced smear of a recovery...


My thanks to my Beautiful Rachel for nursing me back to health.  Back to work!
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