Monday, January 13, 2014

CMG Zas Mecha Now For Sale

I'm very happy to announce that the Critical Mass Games mecha I did for the Zas Kickstarter last year are now for sale.  Individual mecha, weapon components, and platoon deals.  Free worldwide shipping on all orders over 50 GPB.

Here's the store link...

or Click Here.

Here are some gorgeous painted samples of the Blackguard and Ravager mecha, painted by Craig and Dale.

Due to the beautiful and awe-inspiring black and orange paint scheme, I now owe Dale a cookie.

It's a long story.

Don't ask.

As to the Zas mecha, you should order shedloads.
I'm obviously biased, but they're beautiful pieces of modular mech art.

Click Here for some previous blog posts on the Zas Mecha, including unboxing and digital sculpting.

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