Rebel RUMV/Viper Prototype Pics And Sale

Right.  So.  I've been busy as all get-out, and that's good, but it's the wrong kind of busy.  Overtime at the real job.  Yeah, it pays, but it takes away from family and sculpting (and blog updates).

So here's nice update on the RUMV and Viper Suit parts I did recently.

A nice little box arrived from Texas, care of Paul at

 Some beautifully prototype parts.  I just need to do a little cleanup, and they'll be off to the casters.

 A small detail plate, able to be snapped apart like a candy bar, for adding plating to your vehicles and other conversions.  This is 1.2 inches long, by 1/2 inch wide.  Great detailing on the skulls and riveting.
 A large detail plate, next to a RUMV base and the old EF APC hull in pewter.
 Close-up on the two "candy bar" detail sprue plates.  I wanted the large plates to look like salvaged starship parts, or other sci-fi plating.
 The RUMV bumpers.  The "Death Roller" on the far left is beautifully done, as is the detailing on the winch bumper.  The two spiked bumpers will make great post-apoc bumpers.
 The RUMV turret that will be able to handle dual 1/8" ball weapons, like the triple missile launchers, autocannons, or the chin gatlings from the Rebel EF Saber VTOL gunship.
 Three legs.  Alternate pose for the EF Viper, and the Titan Viper on the right.
 Titan Viper, held together with fingers that are badly in need of a manicure.  ;)
Alternate shot of the Titan Viper.

Also, in other news...
Rebel Mike has also been slammed at work, and can't attend the Fall In convention.

Thus, he's giving a 20% discount upon checkout from his website.  "nofallin" is the discount code, as well as sage advice when playing around abandoned mines.  ;)

Apparently, the drones are selling like hotcakes, which is great news.

Now is the time to snatch up those tiny figs and models you've been burning for, and spend all the Christmas present money before the wife beats you to it.

Stock up, I say!  ;)



The add on plates and vehicle rollers all look great.
John Bear Ross said…
Thank you, sir. Much appreciated.


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