Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rebel Minis Sale, 20% Off

Rebel Mike can't go to GenCon this year, so he's throwing a consolation sale, 20% off the entire store.

If you've been wanting a new Titan Marine Warthog VTOL, or any of the other new Titan Marine box sets, here's your chance.

Or those Pangalactic Legion sculpts by The Mighty PF.  Or a dozen Titan Marine APCs that work well in nearly every sci-fi setting imaginable. 

Enter the code "nogencon" when checking out.

Speaking of the Warthog, it's a nice piece of jam art.  I did the basic Titan Marine VTOL, and Chris Lynch of Ravenstar supplied a few extra bits "that really tied the room together," as the Dude would say.

Add a great paintjob by Jason Moore, of Micropanzer, and it becomes more than the sum of its parts.  Very nice piece, available for order now from Rebel at a discount.


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