Saturday, August 10, 2013

New CATs Inbound, Part 2...

Well, I just got back from a whirlwind visit through Louisiana and Texas.

While in Texas, I dropped in on the Reaper folks, unannounced, and spent a little time talking with Reaper Ed.  Lots of potential in our short exchange.  I also got to say hi to Ron, Bryan, and Kevin Williams, who was kind enough to show me his amazing workbench.  It's always good to see the Reaper peeps.

I also got a chance to meet Paul at

Paul was kind enough to give me a shop tour, showing me his extremely impressive machines.  I also picked up a small order that was placed last week, the new sprue for the CATs, as previewed earlier.

 Here are the six new parts laid out, with the legacy bodies of the previous CATs.  The paired gatlings or flamers can be mixed and matched, if desired.

The book is Prador Moon, by Neal Asher.  Excellent, gritty futuristic adventure fiction.  I highly recommend it.  Careful, though, it's part of a larger series, and just might suck you in.

 I put the flamer CAT together with poster putty...

 ...And I stand up the Gatling-slinging CAT with the advancing pose.  They look great, and ready for business.

Here's a small walkaround of the CATs with a Titan Marine HAMR suit for comparison.

Off they go to the caster.

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