Sunday, August 25, 2013

Grymn Powered Armour, Part 4

Now, we start to work on an over-the-shoulder rail gun.

I won't be doing the same method of using an old file and reworking it.

Instead, I'll do a "side-by-side" rebuild, letting the old sculpt influence the sizes and proportions (to an extent) as I start from a blank page.

 Here's the old "payload rifle" mounted to the backpack, with a stunt rear section for working out proportions.

 Here's a possible shape for a missile rack.

 Here are paired examples of possible support weapons.

 Then, I go crazy.  I take a basic shape, extrude it, form electromagnetic rails in the top grooves, form and repeat a cutting shape all along the lower "belly" of the cannon, and form a squarish muzzle.  I also make small pockets with wires leading into them.  I'm trying to convey conduits and circuitry, without letting it look too delicate for battlefield use.

 It looks like a GW Battlefleet Gothic ship, though, with all those exposed ribs.  So I fill them in.

 I form a small extruded shape.

 Round its corners with FiletEdge.

 And insert it into place.  I like the "filled" texture effect better than the starker "ribbing."

 And so I Copy the rounded filler shape into the cavities.

The barrel's a bit long (my sculpts tend to swell and stretch as I make them, usually requiring a Scale resize at the end), but the basic railgun idea is there.  Now, I just need to fabricate a feeding and attachment system.

Small add-on:  Sometimes, less is more.  I shorten the barrel, take off some of the electromag coils, and so some minor reworks.  Looks better to me.



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