Friday, July 26, 2013

CMG Ravager Build-Up, Part 1

I received a special bit of post from the gentlemen at Critical Mass Games the other day.

It was packed full of Zas infantry and mecha.

So, I've built up one.  No major customization, just a nice, stock build.

It's a Ravager, the model classification of the jump-pack equipped assault mecha.

The base weapons of the Ravager were a heavy flamer and a battle claw.

The bonus weapons were a Zas mecha grenade launcher and a double-barreled autocannon.

I decided to make this guy kitted out with the flamer and grenade launcher.  Anti-personnel suppression, combined with anti-armor punch that can still splatter enemy infantry with shrapnel.


 Here is the Ravager hull and legs joined together, along with the jump pack.

 The blue mech is a Titan HAMR Suit from Rebel Minis.  The power armor is from Khurasan, painted by the talented Mr. Harold.  The SpiderMech is from Comfy Chair Games.

 The Titan HAMR and the Khurasan Power Armor.

 Overhead Shot.

 The pilot on the Ravager's base is the SpiderMech's pilot.  He's a reposed Ygs mercenary from Critical Mass Games.

 Here are some primed and based CMG Arc Fleet Augments, some of my favorite power armors in all of 15mm-dom.

 I glue on the four small jump jets on to the legs.  Each leg can mount up to three jets, enabling you to customize where you want to put them.  There are mounting points on the top of the thigh, back of the calf, and side of the calf.  I go for the two calf mounts on each leg.

 I glue the upper arms, and select the desired weapons from the pile.

 Looking good!  Now, here's a little rotation action...


 Side-by-sides with the Titan HAMR.

More comparison shots.  I love how this turned out.

I'll base and base-coat this weekend.

Stay tuned.

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