Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Unauthorized Mods, Part 2

Here's Part 2 of an unasked-for redesign of the classic Dictator CAV, which is the flagship CAV mech from Reaper Miniatures.

Here's a link to Part 1.

On with the redesign.

 I left off with the widened cockpit being stretched and tapered for a sleeker, leaner profile.
 Here's the reverse angle of that change.
 I then extend the rear of the cockpit, so things fade away in an offset taper.  This will fill in the gap that was between the Classic Dictator's right and left shoulder mounts.
 Speaking of those shoulder mounts, they're a bit blocky.  I'm going to lose them, I think, for an idea I've had brewing.
 I "blank" off the older detail bits, like the chin plate's 10 holes on each side, and the detail plate behind the pilot's cockpit station.  Maybe I'll keep them clean, maybe not, but I want to distinguish this from the old design.  The triple slash stays, though.
 On to the shoulder blocks.  I want something smoother, and an extension of the hull, instead of a bracket that juts out from it.
 I like it.
 I have an idea for a new waist setup.  The rack and pinion setup will come into play later.  The hull will turn in the horizontal plane via the disk on the bottom of the large, armored spur-gear.

A pair of rounded blocks are inserted in the side sponsons as placeholders.  Will they be missile launchers?  Booster Jets?  Force field generators?  I don't know, at this point.

 Time for a little side-by-side with the Classic Dictator.
 The new hull is larger when sitting on the old legs.  Not a problem.  I am thinking that the design is going to be bigger than the standard 29ft Dictator.  Piece by piece, I'm going to redesign each major component into something new, while keeping design hints and elements from its predecessor.
 Here's a rear view.  The rack and pinion really stands out from this vantage point.
I taper the leading edge of the new right and left torso "wings," giving them the look of jet intakes.

Stay tuned.

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