Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Mercenary Mech For Critical Mass Games, Part 6: Fire Support!

Well, as I showed in my sneak peek at the end of the last blog update, I was commissioned by the gents at Critical Mass Games to adapt the New Mercenary Mech to have a fire support version.

I was supplied by the client with the meshes of heavy Kaamados plasma cannons, which were sculpted by Charles Oines of Irrational Designs

Craig and Dale thought they would look great incorporated into the design.  My hat's off to Charles for making such beautiful stuff.

So, after a few versions, I came up with a fusion of Mr. Oines' plasma cannon barrel and a body/attachment system that worked with the rest of the design.

I used the Ygs Mecha dual-hardpoint backpack, which was also used for the Zas Blackguard Mech.

The resulting mount and plasma cannon combo rode low, which was good to avoid tipping issues with the final mini, but didn't leave much room for the new finned shoulder bits.

So, I went back to the Blackguard/Ravager shoulders, which were lower profile.

New missile pods were fabbed up, tying together the X-engraved hatches from the new chest piece and the Blackguard's quad missile launchers.

I also threw in a bit that might blow the doors open on the number of weapons that can be utilized in the future on these and other mechs from Critical Mass Games.

That ball goes into the common socket of most of the new CMG mechs that I've designed for them.  Using Craig and Dale's formidable converting skills, I'm sure they'll be able to adapt a number of already-prototyped bits for future weapon accessories.

 Case in point, the new missile pods from the Zas attack VTOL.  This was just for demonstration purposes, but who knows?


BTW, here's an update of those Zas mech and VTOL bits, getting ready for production...Neat!

Well, that's all for this update.

Next up:  Group shots and mix-and-match parts.

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