Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Khurasan MDMS Mercenary Tanks, Part 3

Okey-dokey, here's the third installment of the MDMS Mercenary tanks from Khurasan Miniatures.

Parts One and Two can be found by clicking their respective links.

After posting some erroneous data in post number two, I now can better relate to you the designations of the tanks.

A Goanna Mk.1, regardless of turret type, is equipped with the conventional cannon.

A Goanna Mk.2 is equipped with the rotary gatling weapon.

And last but not least, the Taipan is equipped with the large rail cannon.

The three variants are further distinguished by whether they have manned or unmanned turrets.  Tanks with an "R" in their designations are unmanned ("R is for 'robot'"), and "C" denotes a crewed version.

So, on to the Goanna Mk.1-C.  Conventional Cannon, Crewed Turret.  It's 175mm (!) main gun is capable of knocking out Red Banner tanks, according to the fluff.

 This Goanna Mk.1-C has a quad missile launcher in its modular accessory socket.

 Here's the same missile-equipped Goanna in a screen shot mode called "Artistic."  It reminds me of a charcoal drawing, yet with metallic tones in spots.  I am liking these little discoveries I am making in Rhino 5.0

Here is the Goanna Mk.1-C with the dual-cannon suppressive weapon turret.  I nicknamed this the "York turret" during development, since it reminded me so much of the SGT York anti-aircraft platform from the 80s.

This turret module was chopped in half and fused to to the top deck for the 6mm scale model, since it would have been an unacceptable undercut, and quite fragile, if printed as is.  Since it's a separate piece in 1/100th scale, it's more pronounced, and gives the model a more distinct character.

Jon wanted to make sure that the impression was made by the model that this turret could scrub pesky infantry off the tank if they got too close.  It's boxy, but I thoroughly enjoy the end result.

Here are a couple screen captures of the "Pen" viewing mode.  This is conducive to producing line art, but also serves to give a viewer a clean, uncluttered look at the details of a model.  I like it.

Next, the Goanna Mk.2-C, with that lovely rotary cannon.

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