Friday, April 5, 2013

The Khurasan MDMS Mercenary Tanks, Part 1

"We're Mercanto-Dett Military Solutions, a multiplanetary defence contractor located on New New South Wales, a planet in the Freehold of New Australia, and we have the weaponry you need to prevail on the battlefield! Our vehicles and armaments are battle-proven to be reliable for you and deadly to your enemy ... no matter who or what that might be."

That's the text from Khurasan Miniatures' 6mm Sci Fi Page, describing the armored vehicles designated Taipan, Goanna Mk.1 and 2, and Cane Toad (very Aussie names, in keeping with the fluff theme of MDMS;  Khurasan Jon's very thorough in that regard).

They are the 6mm versions, scaled down, fused, and streamlined for smaller, single-piece moldings, of the 15mm sculpts I'll be showing you here.

The basis of the line was the Cane Toad APC, a piece once derived from an unwanted CAV sculpt.  It's story is better described here, in a previous post.

From the "Brick APC," as the Cane Toad was once called, came a derivative tank done as a test model for an English gentleman working in India on a miniatures-related charity project.  That variant shared a lot of the tread work, styling cues, and various touches of the Brick APC.  When that project fell through, I put them up on Shapeways.

The Brick Tank and APC sat on Shapeways for a while, and were bought by Khurasan Jon.  I modified them both extensively, making them compatible with many of the same parts designed for the Red Faction Neo-Soviet tanks for him.

The Brick Tank's weaponry consisted of a trio of interchangeable weapons barrels that could be shared between two turrets, both manned and unmanned.

The 1/100th scale versions of the above armored vehicles are promised to be remastered to take advantage of newer printing technologies, since the original masters still had print lines on them.  Until then, I'm going to show you the digital versions as best I can.

Stay tuned for old WIP approval shots, and newer renders of these pieces to come in the next few days.

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