And Their New 3D Printer

John at recently revealed his company's newest aquisition:  A new 3D printer.

No, it's not a RepRap.

It's a Perfactory, made in Germany, and as you know from the Sham-wow commercials, the Germans always make good stuff.

So, enough yapping, and on to some sample shots John was kind enough to share with the Yahoo SFCAD group (why haven't you joined the Yahoo SFCAD group?).


I'm speechless, too.

The penny and the fingerprints look flawed compared to the printouts.  Amazing, no?

Visit's Quote Page, and budget for your next build.
John's a solid guy, with stellar customer service.  Great prices, too.



Gharak said…
wow that's some of the finest 3D printing I've seen, really impressive for the size of the miniatures.
Unknown said…
Yup I worked with them last year for some of my first 3D's and they did as good as they could with what they had at that time. Now I am getting them to redo some things and some brand new sculpts I had done recently. John runs a good shop. He has all of my little 3DP business.

Nice post John Bear!
Unknown said…
That looks extremely impressive. I don't see any stepping at all in the photographs - is this the case? If so, I may very well look into ordering a thing or two.
John Bear Ross said…
I haven't held a printout yet from Moddler on this machine (emphasis: yet), but I do know Perfactory machine builds are truly things of beauty.

Hope this helps.

Crime Lord said…
i have a few of these print outs in hand....just can say one thing, NICE!!!!

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