Friday, March 8, 2013

Hawken Update 4: BlueBoy Five Has A New Hull

I like Hawken.  Perhaps a bit too much.

I'm not a very good gamer, but it's a great stress reliever, and I enjoy it for what it is.  Mechs slugging it out in cities and barren landscapes, turning each other into incinerated shrapnel.

Here's a walk-around of my main ride, a modified Sharpshooter.  As I said in my post a few days ago, I was looking forward to upgrading the hull.

The nice thing about Hawken is that you can customize your mech's looks using parts from other similar-sized bots.  The Sharpshooter is a B class, the middleweight of the three classifications of mechs in Hawken.  A class mechs are light and fast.  C class mechs are heavy, slow, and armored.

Here's a Wiki for Hawken, in case you want to learn more.

Hawken recently had its monthly update.  They made available a new mech, called the Raider.  New weapons, new abilities, and whatnot, but it also put new parts on the digital shelf to buy.  The Raider's main hull always reminded me of an Abrams turret, with the cannon removed.  That's part of the junk/salvage design aesthetic of Hawken that appeals to me.

This is basically the configuration that I rocked in the initial A2 testing version of the game, when I first fell in love with it.  It's nice to have my old ride back.


Back to sculpting.  And "liking" pictures of cats on Facebook.  ;)

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