Friday, March 1, 2013

CMG Kickstarter: The Hand Sculpts of Phil Lewis

Phil Lewis is the man responsible for pushing putty on Critical Mass Games' Kickstarter endeavor.

His original works, the Zas mercenary squad, set the tone for the entire line that has now raised over £9000, and climbing.

Here are a few of his sculpts, in-progress and finished, Phil has done for the effort.

 Bear in mind that these figs are all just under 3/4" tall in real life, or about 18mm tall.  It's an amazing accomplishment, and wonderful micro-sculpture.  Great job, Phil.

Here's an example of how Phil took the source art, and turned it into a battlefield support weapon.

Edit:  More stuff added!

Gorgeous stuff.

And here are the special weapons infantrymen.

To get in on the CMG Kickstarter, click here

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