Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Best Goram Band In The 'Verse: Big Damn Heroes

This band popped up in my Facebook feed, linked from a couple Firefly fan groups I "liked."

I thought, "Shiny, a country band with a great name."  I figured they would be a bunch of no-talent neckbeards that were trying to capitalize on Firefly fans.

Then I went to a link with their music on their Facebook Page, and realized the error of my ways.

Holy shee-it, boy, these gents can play.  You may not like country or western, but if you have a single rebellious bone in your body, something will click, I swear.

I, personally, have always loved this style of music.  It's fast, with a seductive beat, and it whispers murderous secrets in your ear while pouring you another shot of Crown Royal.  For the uninitiated, think of the first time you heard "Hot Rod Lincoln" or watched the "Rawhide" segment of the Blues Brothers. It's kinda like that.

You either felt like running around the room like an airplane with an ear-to-ear grin, or you turned the channel in disgust and befuddlement.  I'm the silly kid who grinned and zoomed around the room.

They look like they're just starting out.  If you live in the Springfield, Missouri, area, you're in luck, since they're local.  I would fly out there and drink a Shiner Bock with them if I could.

In the meantime, you can visit their band page at   I really recommend their studio songs to start with, if you're not a fan of live music tracks.

"Demon In The Bottle," for a good introspective drinking song.
"Caleb," for a good murder ballad with a sick twist.
And last but not least, "One More For The Road," a slick track about drinking, driving, and a final request at the pearly gates.

In short, the basic building blocks of stripped-down, no-apologies outlaw country, something that hasn't come out of the poop factories of Nashville for a long time.

Here's their whole song list.  The live tracks are free downloads, including their take on the Ballad Of Serenity, the opening song of the show, and "The Hero Of Canton," Jayne's song.  Highly recommended.

If you're some suit sitting in your private jet, wondering who to sign next, give these gents a chance.

Keep flying, you mudders.

John Bear Ross
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