Monday, February 4, 2013

Rebel RUM-V System, Part 7

On to the Rebel Universal Modular Vehicle (RUM-V) update on the light tank hull.

So, the RUM-V system is a basic frame, under which you can place a few different propulsion systems (wheels, tank tracks, anti-gravity pods, legs, hoverskirts), and different hull tops. 

Rebel Mike and I have already introduced the Combat Flatbed and Civilian Flattop hull tops in previous blog entries.  Scroll down for more, or click here.

Now it's time to introduce the Light Tank hull top, and all the wonderful things you can bolt on to it.  There will be 30 or more pictures, so if you're on a dial-up connection, I apologize in advance. ;)

Those of you who own the Earth Force APC will notice that some striking similarities between this hull and the one you own.  As Lily says in Blazing Saddles, "It's twue, it's twue."

In order to maintain design flow between Rebel Mike's forces, I sliced up, tapered, slimmed-down the EF APC's hull to be a new Light Tank top for the RUM-V system.

Despite its familial resemblance to its ancestors, however, this light tank isn't meant to carry troops, or deliver air filtration units to colonial outposts, or be pressed into service for anything.

It's a dedicated fighting platform.  Lean and mean, and no messing around.

So, off we go.
 Here's a pretty standard configuration.  Basic Frame, Light Tank top hull, and tank treads.  The turret is a single piece, and an adaptation from the VPR gatling weapon.

Now we add four reactive armor modules on each side, and three on the front slope of the hull, as well as a spare ammunition drum on the back deck.  I have done a few types of reactive armor panels for Khurasan's Red Banner Neo-Soviet tanks, and a few others, so I wanted to differentiate this new panel from my previous work.  This "new" reactive panel borrowed its simple, bare-bones look from the current-day M1 Abrams TUSK proposal.  No muss, no fuss, just plain-jane explosives bolted to the outside of a tank hull.  I like it.

Or we can take the reactive panels off, and an add side armor plates.  These gave me a bit of trouble, since they had to fit not just the tracks, but also the legs, wheels, and anti-grav pods.  The ammo drum stays, for now, and we swap out a new turret that is a shortened version of the VPR's "Jackhammer" weapon, without the large delta-shaped muzzle brake.

Now we take everything off, put the large gatling turret back on, as well as the ammo drum, and make a wheeled version.

Here's the hoverskirt, light tank top hull, and the jackhammer turret.  Separate spare ammo drum on the back deck.

Here is an anti-gravity version of the light tank.

Here's the legged version of the basic light tank.  Jackhammer cannon turret in one screen capture shot, heavy gatling on the other.

  This is the most time-intensive part of this build so far.  A manned weapons turret that can use most, if not all, the HAMR and VPR light mecha shoulder weapons.  The top pic is the naked turret, showing off the ball and socket system.  The other two pics are the weapons systems from the VPR suits you might have in your parts bin.

 Now, here are the reactive armor panels on the legged light tank.

 A few folks suggested a chin mount on the TMP forums that could take weapons systems or small manipulator arms.  So I made a chin mount with three sockets on the underneath surface.  They are spaced so that you can mount two gatlings, two arms, or a single triple-missile rack.

 It's not all blood and guts when it comes to this reveal, though.  Here is the legged Civilian Flatbed, with manipulator arms on its chin mount.  Just the thing for off-world colony use on inhospitable planets.

 Now, let's start playing around.  This variant has legs, side panels, reactive armor on the front glacis, a heavy gatling turret, spare ammo drum, and chin mount with manipulator arms.  You can see the beauty of the modular system shining through.

And, to emphasize the point...
 Here are all the propulsion systems that can be glued to the light tank and basic frame, as well as a sample of the side accessories, chin mounts, and turrets.  This is just the start, folks.


PS, as the teaser for the next update, here's the Titan Marine APC hull, mounted on a basic frame, with legs for propulsion, a chin mount, and dual gatlings.

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