Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Drones For The CMG Zas Kickstarter

 I recently did a couple drones for the Zas Kickstarter effort being conducted by Critical Mass Games.


     These are tiny, detailed hoverdrones.  11mm across at the widest tip of the hexagonal hull, just a shade under a half inch.

 Dual grenade launchers or energy cannons are supplied with the little killers.

Their weapons are based on the source art for the Zas Infantry support weapons.  Using the line art, I eyeballed suitable digital analogues, and went to work.

On the TO&E for a Zas Company, each platoon is assigned a support drone.

The rendered pictures were client approval shots, using an already-modeled drone for comparison.

I can't show you shots of that just yet.  Thankfully, the Ygs Directorate of Mercenary Oversight stepped in, and censored the screen captures.  ;)


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