Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rebel RUM-V System, Part 4

Alright, let's quickly branch out into attachments.  Last night, I showed you the new Civilian Flatbed hull module that can be used with the upcoming RUM-V system from Rebel Minis.

More on that later.  Tonight is just a quick show-off of a few attachments I had worked up for the chin mount at the front of the basic frame.

Here we have what I call a "death roller."  In truth, it's just a mine clearing attachment, or can be used by civilian construction to flatten roads for off-world colonies.  Or for death-rolling.  ;)

Next is an all-purpose dozer blade.  Useful for combat engineers, as well as plowing through crowds of rioters and zombies.

And for improvised rams, or busting through barriers, there's the hedgerow cutter, modeled after the ad-hoc structures affixed to Allied tanks after the Normandy invasion.

Jimbo Burrell, my good friend from the CAV days, also suggested a winch.  I will whip one up tomorrow.  Also, I'll try and find a way to make the "chin" mounting point universal with the rear bumper as well.  No promises on that one, since it might involve too many changes.

You folks can let me know if there are any other attachments you might want to see in the comment section.  Cowcatchers?  Giant buzzsaws?  Start brainstorming...

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