Tuesday, January 22, 2013

KarkPanzer Light, WIP Part 1

There's a "Karkpanzer (l)," (l) for leicht, a light panzer (actually a TD and assault gun type vehicle for the infantry), the "Karkpanzer (m)," (m) meaning mittel, a medium panzer which was inspired in part by the Tiger II heavy tank and the E-75 project, and then a "Karkpanzer (f)," a flakpanzer version of the Karkpanzer (m), with a flak turret with two rapid-fire lasers.
I've already previewed the Karkwagon, which should be released soon, and the others are not quite far enough ahead in the production process to be previewed yet. They are at the caster and it may be a few months before I get them.
Would love to make a Karkpanzer (s) in the future, JBR's schedule permitting.
That's a quote from Jon at Khurasan back in September of 2011, on The Miniature Page's 15mm Forum.

Jon was describing his take on the "E Series" of vehicles.  They were the last generation of German tanks that were never built by the Nazis.  He wanted to bring them to production, but with a dual-use design intent built into them.

First, the concept:

Jon's Karkarines are aliens.  Sharkmen.  They do the bidding of their Pelagic Dominate overlords as mercenaries.

Jon's series of "what-if" Alternate World War Two panzers were to be reminiscent of the E-Series tanks, but with a Kark flair.  They could be passable in both worlds, both as Weird WW2 units, and as tabletop support for laser-totin' sharkmen.  Thus, I had a bit of flexibility, without being strangled by "bolt-counting" historical rigidity, since these were conjecture from the start.

So, the basic design called for plausibility (these tanks were never built, just planned, or prototyped), but modular in design so that sci-fi bits could also be incorporated.  Not an easy task, serving two genres.

But, with Jon's steadfast art direction, we did it.

Here's some source art...

And here are the preliminaries/bulk-outs, based on a scaled-down schematic found online.

Yup, that barrel's thick, but it was just a stand-in.  Things got slimmed down later, not to worry.

More to come later.

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