Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fun New Things Over At Critical Mass Games

The gentlemen at Critical Mass Games, Craig and Dale, like putting up sneak peaks on their Twitter feeds.  Sneaky Brits.

I'm not on Twitter.  God knows I'm on the internet too much as it is.  But here's Craig's Feed, and Dale's.  I keep tabs on them through the main page on

The first series of pics is from Dale.  A few pics of 3d-prototyped masters ready for molding (or "moulding" as they say in the UK).

 There's a lot of Astagar Snakemech parts in there, as well as some pics of the Ygs mech (the rotund fellow in the first pic with the blue torso).  I can't wait.

 Craig also posted up pics of the new Star Marines, a merc faction that should be hitting the CMG Mercenary Store Page this week.  They (and the gigantic new Mercenary Tanks) look awesome.  Take a look.


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