Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2012 Miniatures Exchange Entry, WIP Part 1

MrHarold, on The Miniatures Page 15mm forum, recently put up a post calling for a contest for painted miniatures.

Well, not so much a contest as an exchange between folks.

You paint up 5 15mm scale figures, or a vehicle, and send it off to the person you are paired up with. They do the same.

I decided to enter. Why not? I haven't painted or done anything non-digital with minis in months.

So, I broke out a Titan HAMR suit, and got to posing and converting.

It was a pretty standard build, but I tweaked the pose slightly, for a more menacing look. I also added a double-barrel suppressive weapon from another Titan HAMR kit to the underside of the main weapon's barrel, to give it a nice triple-muzzle effect.

I took the thick base of the miniature down with some grinding on my belt sander. After a coat of primer, I found a nice round-lip base, and filled in the gaps with Magic Sculpt.

My previously-painted Titan HAMR, painted up as a member of a pirate-hunter squad, for comparison.
And, of course, it's one of my favorite times of the year, when Sam Adams releases their seasonal Octoberfest brew. Shiner Bock takes a back seat to Octoberfest for a few months. A nice dark start, with a sweet, caramel finish. Great beer. Helps steady my paintbrush, too.

More soon.


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