Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Art Of: GenocidalPenguin

GenocidalPenguin!??! Relax. It's just an internet handle. GenocidalPenguin is the alias for Karl Östlund, a Swedish artist whose work I discovered on deviantart.com

Here's his personal page on DeviantArt. I would highly suggest going through his gallery.

Here's just a few samples of his art that I've picked out to show you.

Nice stuff, eh? I enjoy how he's taken the concept of flappy, tentacle-like arms (which I first encountered in the form of the Laputan Robot from the Miyazaki film "Castle in the Sky") and made it even more awesome.

Mr. Östlund's work can also be seen on the new Thundercats cartoon series, as well as at the blog set up by the studio to which he contributes his efforts, Vulne Pro.


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