Sunday, July 29, 2012

HALO Micro Ops, and 15mm/1-100th Scale Searches

There's lots of 15mm/1-100th scale stuff out there for wargaming, collecting, modeling, and what have you.

Now with Todd McFarlane entering into the 15mm scale game with the HALO license, things are looking even better for the scale.

Besides the obvious stuff (the manufacturer links sidebar at Dropship Horizon, for starters), I have a few that are easy enough to look through, provided you have enough time.

When searching Ebay, I usually put in "1/100 scale" in the Toys and Hobbies category, and get a good 1200 or so results. Good stuff in there, including some Bandai and Macross kits, Toynami Veritechs, and airplane models.

Hobby Link Japan has everything under the sun you could possibly want in the realm of mecha and accessories. Click here for the 1/100 scale science fiction injection kits they stock.

There's a new website I stumbled upon, called It looks like a neat little portal to all things tiny and warlike.

There's Master Painter Jeff Racel's Skydrive, his web gallery of all his beautifully-painted up 15mm stuff.

I see the McFarlane Toys entry into the market as a good "feeder" into the hobby. They may not be top-notch quality, being made of a more toy-like plastic, but they might spark buyers to look for high quality alternatives from all the business' many manufacturers.


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