Sunday, June 24, 2012

Late June Already?

Don't worry. I'm not dead, yet.

We're still in the house. It has not been fun, but the bank and I have basically come to a stalemate. October is supposedly when we'll be able to refi under the HARP program. We're so underwater (negative loan-to-value ratio) on our mortgage no regular bank will give us a second look. Southern NV may be ground zero for the mortgage crisis, but at least there's no mosquitoes or hurricanes, so we've got that going for us.

Until then, grin and bear it, right?

Still not a bunch of sculpting getting done. I did a resize of an a-grav tank for a client that needed doing, and have been tinkering here and there with universal weapon/armor bits. Stuff you can convert or glue to 15mm or 28mm scale models.

I'm looking forward to Critical Mass Games releasing the Ygs and Astagar mechs and power armor I did for them. Apparently, a number of molds were lost in shipping, so their release has been delayed.

Until then, though, I urge you to take advantage of CMG's 20% sale.

Admit it: You could always use another platoon of Arc Fleet Walkers. ;)

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