Friday, June 29, 2012

CAV Tanks Rescaled In 15mm/1-100th

Just as an aside, I recently went traipsing (yes, traipsing) through the Reaper Miniatures forum.

I found, to my great delight, a topic asking Reaper to re-launch the first game I cut my teeth on, CAV (Combat Assault Vehicle) in 15mm scale (1/100th scale for you fractional types).

Here's a link to the topic at Reaper's Forum. My thanks to Papabees for his words.

So, this post is dedicated to you, Papabees.

I went into the archives, and reworked a few of the more popular vehicle designs I did in N-scale, and ported them over to 15mm/1-1ooth scale. They size up nicely, with some adjustment, to current-day designs I've done for Rebel, Critical Mass, and Khurasan.

Bear in mind these veteran designs are pushing 10 years or more, but like the Butcher and Dictator CAVs, they've still got what it takes.

So, without further ado, here's a few rescaled shots of the Despot and Grizzly Main Battle Tanks, from Reaper Miniatures CAV game. The grid lines of the "graph paper" pics are in inches, giving you an indication of their sizes.

The Waldos, or reference figures, are about the same size as a 15mm scale infantryman. The "One Red Cent" he is standing on is the size of an American penny, about 19mm in diameter.

My thanks, again, to Ed Pugh and the Reaper Crew for giving me my start in the business.

Click here to buy the original version of the Despot from Reaper's store.

Click here to buy the original version of the Wolverine from Reaper's store.

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