Tuesday, January 10, 2012

4 Future CMG Releases You Might Like...

WAVE 33 - 29th October 2012
Mercenaries - Ygarra Ygs Power Armour - 1 Kit (MCVH14a - £TBA)
WAVE 32 - 24th September 2012
Mercenaries - Ygaden Ygs Assault Mecha - 1 Kit (MCVH13a - £TBA)
WAVE 31 - 27th August 2012
Mercenaries - Vipera Astagar Power Armour - 1 Kit (MCVH12a - £TBA)
WAVE 30 - 23rd July 2012
Mercenaries - Volos Astagar Assault Mecha - 1 Kit (MCVH11a - £TBA)

Yes, that's right, a mecha AND a power armor (armour, yes yes) for the Ygs AND the Astagar, with the first one hopefully hitting the market in July, from Critical Mass Games.  I've had to sit on the info for a while, but will be blogging in the coming months about the designs and how they were made.

I approached Craig and Dale last year with the concept of armored walking (slithering) units for both of these beautifully-done mercenary races.  They readily agreed.

I can't wait to show you the final products.  Very exciting.

Earlier reference found here...

Here's a blurred sneak peak of each of the mecha, with a digital Arc Fleet Walker and a pair of Waldos for size reference...yes, a dirty, rotten trick, I know.

John Bear Ross
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