Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Art Of: Niklas Jansson

Niklas Jansson is probably not a name you've heard spoken around the dinner table. For a few years, I had to google projects of his that I liked, just to find the website of "that Swedish guy that does redesigns of old video games." Fortunately, I finally added him to my favorites and bookmarks, and don't have to google him quite so much.

Niklas is my kind of artist: extremely proficient, multi-talented, and prone to procrastination and distraction. I share the last set of traits with him.

Stylewise, his stuff might not be your personal cup of tea. I enjoy his linework, the chibi-like caricatures, and more importantly, the wit and earnest love for the material I see conveyed in his work. To me, it really comes through.

Here's his labrynthian project page, called the Promethean Spawning Ground.

For a more orderly list of his projects, check out another one of his sites, Android Arts. That has a great listing of his concepts for a Zoid reboot. Great stuff.

Overall, I love his take on established tropes and themes. It's nice to see new perspectives on old classics, from his take on Rifts, to X-Com, to Doctor Who, to Starguard, to Star Control. Prepare to spend a few hours.

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