Monday, November 28, 2011

New Viper Suit Weapons (Well, All HAMR Suits, Actually, But Keep Reading...)

Here are close-ups of the new weapon sprues that have been worked up for the Viper Suit, and by default, all HAMR suits in general.

The shoulder ball-and-socket arrangement on the EF HAMR Suit and the Titan Marine HAMR Suit are identical (within a given tolerance, of course).

The Viper Suit was built with this same standard of modularity in mind. Thus, what fits one, fits all three (and the dozen or more I have sketched out).

I came up with fluff names, working titles, really. Nothing's final as far as these weapons' "fluff" titles or capabilities...

Here's the 60mm Heavy Rotary Cannon. It's a big boomer. Guaranteed to shred enemy mechs and tanks. Obviously, it's a bit "overgun" on the Viper Suit, but it looks great on the larger HAMRs, like the Titan Marine HAMR.
Here's a "Hydra-4" 23mm Gatling System. Softskins, infantry, and VTOLs beware!

The Jackhammer 100mm Autocannon, adapted from the Saber VTOL's Longhammer Autocannon (same action and ammo, but a shorter barrel length to make it more manageable on a HAMR ground unit).
A modular "wing rack" that can carry up to 6 missiles per side, though I think the casting sprue will be 5 per side. The Saber VTOL's (and Fire Support HAMR's) gatling can also be mounted in the hardpoint slot. The "missile boat" walks the battlefield anew!

Pretty nifty, no? I can't wait to see what comes from the fertile imagination of gamers and converters everywhere when these get into their hot little hands.

Keep checking the Rebel Minis website for announcements of when they're for sale. I'll be sure to let you know as well.

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