Sunday, November 6, 2011

Comfy Chair SpiderMech Workup, Part 3

Continuing with the third part of the SpiderMech buildup. Part 1 is here. Part 2 here.

I've selected a Critical Mass Games mercenary figure as my pilot. He's a Ygs ("Yigs" is how I pronounce it) fig, sculpted by the inimitable PF.

Here's the primered SpiderMech, along with the penny-based pilot fig.

The backstory on the Ygs pilot is that he's hardjacked into the Spider's control computer, so I added a harness and extra bits to the back of his head. A slight repose (without snapping any limbs), and chopping off his pointing finger, and he's ok.

Kramer's Krusher, the red heavy HAMR suit above, is based on a 2-inch steel washer, with Magic Sculpt over it. The SpiderMech is just a tad too large for a 2-inch washer, though, so I created one by overlaying a disk of putty on it, putting a piece of tin foil beneath it to keep it flat (and to keep it from bonding to the dinner table).

It looks a bit like the SpiderMech is laying claim to a very small pizza. I'll have to see about cleaning that up.


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