Saturday, October 8, 2011

Viper Suit WIP, Part 3

Click here for Part 1 of this WIP series.
Here for Part 2.

On to final detailing, and a few sample weapon loadouts...

Well, as you can see from part 2 of this series, our beautiful (death-dealing) swan was regressed back to an ugly (functional) duckling in order to fulfill the need for a civilian walker that has been pressed into military service.

So, to reflect that civilian heritage, I made a pair of utility arms for the VPR. Basically, they're like forklift tines that can split and also become claws. Thus, the Civilian VPR could be able to perform a number of work functions, from demolition to heavy labor. The work arms are shown in grasping mode, with the claws just barely opened, though their fictional range of movement would enable them to clasp a large utility container, as well as boom out to pick a load off a shelf or rack. I think I even put a small cylindrical module in the center of the claw, in case someone wanted to call it a cutting/welding laser or plasma torch. Handy, no?

While it may be a little bit "plain jane," I figured this base model could be used in RPG scenarios involving civilians, or as a standard model that could be "mad-maxed" out. There's potential there, I tell ya.

On to the weaponized madness.

Here's a "Mars Rebel" edition I cobbled together for demonstration purposes for Rebel Mike. This has the new utility claw, a new triple-barrel energy weapon in dark grey, a chin gun that belongs to the Gila fast attack vehicle, and the triple missile launcher from the Saber VTOL. It may be ad-hoc in design, but it's guaranteed to leave a mark. One of these in the possession of rebels, criminals, or a home defense militia would definitely bring the pain to a small skirmish, even against disciplined HAMR pilots.

Here's a bolt-together mercenary assault special with two of the new energy weapons, and a Saber missile rack. Storm in, blast the client's selected targets to pieces, and collect a check!

For those civilians and smaller governments within the Titan Marine sphere of influence, or rebels fighting them (use the enemy as your quartermaster, eh?), here's a recon/utility version that can lay down suppressive fire with its chin gun (same as the forearm gun from the Titan Recon HAMR), and hit armored targets with its dual missile pod.

Here's a Titan-equipped assault walker with dual energy weapons, chin gun, and missile pod. A very intimidating fire support platform, if I say so myself, which I do.

See how the versatility of the VPR is starting to shine through? And here you thought it was just some generic chickenwalker...(hey, I did at first as well, so don't feel bad).

More to come.

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