Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Viper Suit WIP, Part 1

Here's a WIP series on the newly revealed Viper Suit coming soon from Rebel Minis. "Viper" is a field corruption of Variable Payload Raider, or VPR.

To begin with, Rebel Mike called a few months ago. He wanted a new HAMR-esque suit, but didn't want it as large. We started bouncing ideas off each other, and revisited the concept of a universal type walker, made by an independent faction (neither Titan nor Earth Force), that could use parts from any of the many HAMR suit parts we've already created. Something that could be used for construction, policing, exploration, as well as combat.

The Sahadeen had a need for such an improvised HAMR suit of their own, and it could be also used as an armored walker by mercenary units or other organizations not affiliated with the EF or Titan Marines.

The working title was the Universal Battle Pod. Here were some initial breakdowns of the chassis. A couple of new Titan weapons were made for this bulk-out, and the standard dual missile launcher from the Titan Marine Fire Support HAMR suit went onto a mount on the back deck.

I went with a "chicken walker" layout just to differentiate it from the Titan and EF HAMRs, even though it's not my favorite arrangement. Here are a few shots with the Battle Pod next to a kitted-out Titan Marine HAMR.

More detailing to come...

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