Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Converted Arc Fleet Walker From Down Under

I found this on an Australian gamer's blog. The gent's name is Steven, and he's an ace at converting. I've added some still captures from his YouTube movie, which is also featured above (don't worry, it's safe for work...heh).

Once again (there's a LOT of them out there), the Critical Mass Games Arc Fleet Walker shows its beautiful versatility and utility as a sculpt. I've very proud of that chicken walker.

Here's Steven's blog.

Here's the specific post.

Excellent work, and the video also shows off some nice paint jobs on a couple other pieces of Arc Fleet hardware, as well as some other walkers from Micropanzer. Great stuff. I really like how he incorporated GW bits to turn the Arc Fleet walker into a fire/plasma-breathing beast.

Great job, Steven!

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