Sunday, October 30, 2011

Comfy Chair SpiderMech Workup, Part 2

This is part two of a WIP buildup of a Comfy Chair SpiderMech. Part One is here.

I've come up with the beginning of a backstory for the SpiderMech. It's going to be a 15mm/1-100th scale walker, part of the same mercenary warband of one of my previous paintups, Kramer's Krusher.
Here's a shot of the painted up Krusher.
Here's the (rather long-winded) backstory, with ultra-overglossed paintjob that's corrected in the above link.

Anywho, the pilot for the SpiderMech is going held in a protective isolation/suspension tank in the abdomen of the armor. The turret will (in the backstory) flip up, like a crew hatch, and allow access to the control chamber. The pilot will control the mecha via a hardwired jack into his nervous system, and interface via the Spider's external sensors.

Here I'm test-fitting the suppressive weapon miniguns, and glue them over the forward sensor cluster.

Next the turret weapons are glued to the turret body. They're up at a shallow 10 or so degree angle.

Well, it's then on to final assembly of the components.
Here's a little walkaround of the SpiderMech, with a couple Critical Mass Games figures shown for size reference. He's quite the little deathdealer, isn't he?

Next is primer and basecoat, and I think I might have a pilot figure in mind.
Stay tuned.

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